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         Welcome to [Dssg]

Dssg stands for Digital Soldier-Simulations Group and was founded by its owners - Netman and Huntsman - in 1998,  we are an online gaming community centered primarily on the game Half-Life 2 and its various modifications (MODs).

Dssg currently provides several public servers for multiplayer gaming, and we strive to maintain a cheat free environment where players of all skill levels can have fun without risking being abused or harassed. The Dssg community also maintains a very active web-based message board/forum.

Membership into Dssg is by invitation only by Netman himself, just register on the forums, and become a regular on the servers and follow the rules and you will be noticed.



DSSG Server Rules
You may be kicked from the servers without warning for breaking these rules. If you choose to return, please remember that arguing with an admin will get you banned, possibly permanently. Bring all disputes, including admin abuse or player violations, to the proper Ban/Unban section on the forums at

1. Play fair, DO NOT CHEAT, and have fun.
2. Treat other players with respect.
3. Racial slurs, offensive names, or offensive sprays/decals are NOT tolerated.
4. Try not to kill or wound your teammates, including your friends/clanmates. Intentionally killing or wounding a teammate may result in an immediate and permanent ban.
5. ANY use of exploits is expressly forbidden, including any map exploits. Note that if you can see through textures on the map, or made your way to your position by passing through an area where you can see through the textures, you are by definition in an illegal location.
6. Swearing is not forbidden, but please keep it to a minimum. It is your responsibility to make sure you do not offend others.
7. Never, ever argue with an admin on the server.
8. You may be kicked to make room for community members.


Dssg COD 4 HC Server:

Dssg COD:WaW HC Server:

Dssg Left 4 Dead Server:

Dssg NeoTokyo Server:


Netman([Dssg] Supreme Leader)

Head Admins:

Mrs. Gemstone

Server owners:
Netman(COD4, COD WaW, Ventrilo, and also [Dssg] forums)

Worm(Left4Dead and NeoTokyo)

Server Admins:
note: All above are admins
Ouch that Hurts